Our Business

1. Business Consulting: With the vast knowledge of our board of directors and promoters of our chambers, we offer International business consultation for business men that wants to do business in Nigeria or Ukraine Environment. We offer you the best advice on the legal/Economy/ laws governing the business environment of these countries. The best and most efficient way to penetrate into the business circle of the countries.

2. International Trade: We assist in bridging the the gap between international business men/traders and their customers in various countries. We also provide you with credible business partners and customers for both local and international clients. We also assist in exporting and importing material resources and technology between two countries.

3. Strategic Sourcing: We also assist in the sourcing for your quality/affordable raw material and mineral resources that you need the industry, in addition we enlighten and educate you on the export and import laws for guidance in various countries.(Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia , China and Lithuania).

4. Energy: We bridge the gap between International Crude buyer/Sellers and their prospective clients all over the world. We also have a strategic alliance with some major companies in Ukraine, Russian, China that produce high quality Oil servicing and Exploration equipments, like Christmas tree, Valves, and Pipes etc.

5. Project Finance: We have partnered with some group of international Finance group in Switzerland and Canada to provide first class project financing in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. These are reputable companies with great track records.

We are the Chambers of Commerce with a different, Please contact us when you need any of these services and you will be glad you did.

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